High-quality Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai

Since it’s formation, Al Furqan Trading has chosen a business model based on providing very high-quality wholesale office supplies in Dubai and other emirates. Al Furqan Trading is synonymous with high-quality products at an affordable cost because we sell only genuine products. We supply world-leading brands to hundreds of Retail Office supplies stores in Dubai and other emirates. When the market is flooded with products which resemble the global brands, the only way to make sure that you get the genuine products is by sourcing it out from authorized Agents.

It is extremely important for a Wholesale Office supplies to have a network of huge warehouses across the region. As the trusted name in Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai, we make sure all the Office stationary supplies are always available at all times in our stock. We also have a strong distribution team who takes care of the Logistics delivery to our clients.

Benefits for Retail  suppliers for sourcing directly from Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai

In a highly competitive marketplace getting an entry as retail or Wholesale Office supplier for corporates is not easy. And once you get a chance, your product quality and price are always compared with other Office suppliers. And most of these offices have very well experienced procurement team and therefore they keep on asking for the best quality and bargain on the rates. So you need a reliable wholesale Office Supplier in Dubai who can provide you with quality products. Faster logistics delivery network and affordable price are other two key factors to be selected by corporates.

As a wholesale office supplier in Dubai, Al Fuqan has the direct dealership agreements with world-leading brands. And so retail partners will get the best rates by bypassing the middlemen who eat from their margin. And we have a network of Warehouses and our own delivery solution. So the advantages of choosing Al Furqan Trading as your Wholesale Office Suppliers partners are as follows:

  1. Vast inventory of Office supplies so that we can be the Single Wholesale Office Supplies provider
  2. We ensure our products are of high quality.
  3. A flexible return policy on damaged items
  4. A network of warehouse across UAE
  5. Own Logistics to supply to anywhere in UAE
  6. Own shops in Prime locations in Dubai
  7. Special Support programs for upcoming retailers
  8. Online order and fulfillment Mechanism for easy procurement of Office Supplies
20+ years in the Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai and other regions
Most Trust Name in Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai

Importance of Providing adequate office stationery

A lot of corporates make it a practice to handover very good quality Office Supplies when they recruit new employees. Good corporates know how hard and expensive is to recruit a good employee. It is very time-consuming and costly affair as well. So it is important for a good organization to send a message to a new recruit that we value them. So we have to provide employees the necessary office Supplies and necessary working station. This gives a clear message that We are looking forward to seeing how you are going to deliver the services that you have promised.

If the new employees have to run after the necessary office supplies and setting up their stations, it will create some doubts in their minds that an organization doesn’t have a fine-tuned processes. And it will put the employees on a lay back attitude. And most corporates understand the importance of the first impression.


Benefits for Corporates from Sourcing directly from Wholesale Office supplies in Dubai

At the same time, having a wholesale office Supplies partner will make sure the procurement budgets under control. It is better to have a long-term contract with one supplier who can source all the office stationeries for you. Al Furqan has a long list of prestigious clientele who are satisfied with our products and services. For them, the contract renewal with Al Furqan as the Office Supplies partner is an automatic process. This gives us the confidence in selling quality products for a long-term success. Al Furqan has very flexible delivery timing so that our corporate customers and our retail partners get the service delivery.

Alfurqan is a recognized name in the Wholesale Office Supplies

Al Furqan Trading has been featured in various online listing and magazines as a quality provider of Wholesale Office Supplies in Dubai. And we have won numerous awards for our excellent contribution to the UAE community.


How to buy online from us?

If you want to buy our products online we will have a special discount and you may buy it online.


We also have a good collection of Islamic books. And if a retailer wants to source any kinds of Islamic religion or history books you may either go the following link to buy it online or call our main office or any of our branches to get it delivered to you. We can provide better discounts when you by online from our following link as it is more cost effective for us to serve you with less operating cost.


If you have requirements for more than 100,000 Dirham per month, we will assign an account manager to take care of all your procurement needs. We will also make sure that the necessary actions have been taken based on the feedback to improve our products and services.

If you are a registered retail buyer of Al Furqan, we will also ensure the same rates once you have to buy from any of our retail outlets. We have an online and offline process where we have different schemes for our Trade partners. Please contact us from more flexible service delivery solution for your needs.

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